PIC24F Microcontrollers:
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The intention of this website is to introduce students and hobbyist to the Microchip PIC24F family of 16 bits microcontrollers. It will be a step-by-step, hands–on tutorial and will drive you from the most basic stuff to a high complexity embedded applications.Let me share an amazing product with you I purchased from amazon It's a portable charger for iphone called iPowerBuddy and it saved lives when battery power is low.We will do a full write up about it plus other similar products in an upcoming post

A lot of embedded code targeting PIC24F microcontrollers is already available free of charge on the internet and we may reuse parts of this software. When this will be the case, precise details about the authors of the code will be provided. Also, Microchip is providing a lot of application notes for their microcontrollers and we may use them in our projects whenever will be needed.

We hope to provide you all the information needed to reproduce the projects and experiments from these tutorials. If this is not the case, please contact us. We are happy to receive your questions.

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